In Support of Libraries

Top 12 reasons for why I support libraries:

1.   As a child, libraries offered me a sense of independence. I still remember getting my first library card. I remember checking out my first books and listening to my first books-on-cassette tape (while sitting on my favorite beanbag chair in the library). 

2.  Librarians are some of the most wonderful people. As a kid, they got to know my name. They read me stories, made me feel welcome, and picked out books they thought I may have liked. I got to take home books without paying for them (which would have been too expensive).


3.     Libraries promote literacy, diversity, and intellectual freedom. They support authors, community members, and readers.


4.     Librarians taught me how to research – to really research, performing deep archival dives. They were invaluable resources when working on term papers in middle school, high school, and college.   


5.     Libraries provide free access to workshops, classes, and other learning opportunities for community members, all of which support and encourage education, perspective, collaborative learning, and critical thinking.


6.     Libraries provide internet and computer access to community members who might not otherwise have access at home.


7.     As a kid, my library provided a safe place to go, where I didn’t have to be alone, when no one was home.


8.     Libraries sell used books. :)


9.     Libraries provide space for reading, writing, studying, meeting, gathering.


10.  Libraries store historical documents and archives, especially those related to local history and community. 


11.  Libraries provide educational and programming support for parents, caregivers, and children, as well as to the elderly population, and to those who are unemployed and seeking employment. As a new mom, I was able to develop a new love of libraries. 


12.  Libraries work in collaboration with other entities in a community, furthering educational and programming missions and goals.



I obviously love and support libraries and always have. Here are some additional links to convince you of their value and worth (if you need convincing):




  1. A library card is often the FIRST thing a child can have that's theirs and theirs alone. Of the reasons above, #8 is my favorite these days. I love going to library book sales.

  2. I spent hours upon hours researching pub houses in the library before I had Internet in my home.


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