Celebrating Firsts by Lauren Bjorkman

While my everyone looks ahead toward their goals for next year, I’m going to look back. Oppositional defiant disorder, much? Seriously, December—if you can take a moment from the holiday frenzy to breathe—is the perfect time for reflection.

This year had many firsts for me.

I wrote my first short story since high school—The Shark King—for an e-book anthology aptly call THE FIRST TIME. It’s a collection about love-kissing-boyfriends-girlfriends, but also relationships with parents, hardships, and triumphs, with a bonus zombie slaying or two.

Twenty-five of the 2009 Debutantes contributed stories, including YAOTLs Cheryl Renee Herbsman, Sydney Salter, and Janet Gurtler. These stories are amazing! (and available here and here for just $2.99 :D)

Writing a story for the anthology led to another first—buying an e-book reader for my birthday. Though I’m a fanatic about real books, I wanted to give the new technology a try. So far, I like it. I usually read in bed, and I’ve found my new device to be small and easy to hold. Don’t call me a convert yet, but it’s much easier on the eyes than a regular computer screen. Maybe it will even save a few trees.

Now I better go write those goals for 2012.

Happy, merry, joy!


  1. Congrats on all those firsts, Lauren! (I gotta say, I like my e-reader, too...)


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