Since so many have already posted brilliantly on the topic, 
I'm changing the assignment to Lauren Bjorkman: Then and Now.

THEN                                                                         NOW                              

Brown hair and eyes, crooked teeth                          Brown hair and eyes
                                                                                    straight teeth

A tendency to crinkle nose when smiling                  Nose wrinkles

A really cute boyfriend (Pelle)                                   Really cute husband (Pelle)

High school diploma + GED                                     Two college degrees
                                                                                    (neither one in writing)

Shrinking violet                                                          Assertive violet

Crazy about libraries                                                  Adores librarians

Weary of baby-sitting and
unsure about having kids                                          Two quirky kids. Yay!

No computer or phone                                              Awesome computer
                                                                                    crappy phone

Starry-eyed                                                                 Well honed happy-dark
                                                                                    sense of humor

Silly laugh                                                                  Silly laugh

Hated writing essays                                                 Still hate writing essays

Wrote furious quantities of poetry                            5 novels, 2 pubbed novels
                                                                                     0 poems :-(

Never revised her work                                             Thinks revising is fun

Daydreamed about life as an author                        Living the life of an author
                                                                                   (less glamorous than
the daydream, but still!!!!)

Loved reading                                                            Love, love, love writing


  1. Lauren! So many similarities between the two of us. I also wrote furious quantities of poetry as a teen...then worked many of them into my debut, A BLUE SO DARK...

  2. I love this post. (nose wrinkles!) I hope that you kept your old school poems. I still have my ridiculous novels from high school....tucked in a drawer.


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