Class of '93...twenty years later

Hard to believe twenty years have passed since I graduated from Ft. Zumwalt South High School. My, how things have changed.

Job then:

Those pants had no pockets so we couldn't steal. Great to be part of the McDonald's team.

 Job now: 

YA author

Job I wanted back then:

President of the United States (2012 was the first year I was old enough to legally run)


Maybe 2016

Dream girl then:

Dream girls now:

   Attitude toward high school then:



 Buddies then:

Buddies now:

In short, I've learned nothing in twenty years. But it's been a hell of a ride.

Supporting role in 'The Music Man'. And I wondered why I had a hard time getting dates.


  1. Nothing is as certain as change. And it seems your changes have been in a wonderful direction. You're a great role model for your daughter and for your readers, Brian.

  2. But now you can wear all the pocketed pants that you want! You can even wear cargo pants, which have a zillion pockets.

    Life is good here in adulthood. ;-)

  3. Love that you're in the Alumni Hall of Fame!

  4. I love the line, "I've learned nothing in twenty years." Great post!

  5. I love the buddies then--buddies now. <3


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