Graduation Day: Trusting the Journey--Kimberly Sabatini

When I graduated High School, I pictured a lot of things. The whole rest of my life lay before me like a journey and I spent a heck of a lot of time prepping for the trip and anticipating how to rise up to meet my future. I had a safe and boring plan and I was mostly comfortable with it. I didn't know anything about life or hair and I can prove it...I had a perm and cut my bangs way too short the night before graduation. Yes, I was completely unprepared for my future LOL!

When this picture was taken, I thought I'd still have my Dad around for a really, really long time. His death has been the hardest loss for me 25 years down the road from graduation. I still miss his hugs. He wasn't here to hold my book, but because of him there is a book to hold. 

I have gained courage on this journey.

Although there is loss, there is also joy. I still have my Mom and my brother and I love them both so much. 

I have gained appreciation on this journey.

When this picture was taken, I felt more outside than inside of this sea of blue and gold. I thought I would hold on to a few good friends and leave a whole bunch of high school/small town crap behind for the chance to reinvent myself. I didn't really know at the time, that we were all doing the same thing.  I've had the chance to live anywhere in the world I'd like and it is back here that calls me. It is my best place. It is where my friends and family are, and they are my story. It is my home. 

I have gained perspective on this journey

When this picture was taken, I was the very first person in my immediate family to go away to college. I was thrilled and terrified at the same time. But I put one foot in front of the other. It was the first time in my life I'd done something "risky." (I was a slow mover, folks. aka Kimmiepoppins) Since that walk, there have been times I've reverted to stagnation, but those times are only speed bumps. I push on and I continue to challenge myself to go to places that are uncomfortable. There is good stuff on the other side of fear. 

I have gained knowledge on this journey.

When this picture was taken, these were two of my best friends in High School. One guy has been my husband for 20 years and one guy was and still is my best man. <3 

I have gained three kids on this journey. ROTFL!


And just so you know, I never pictured myself as writer. I never believed I was good enough or brave enough to do something like that. It was not an option or a consideration, because I didn't not believe I had the potential. But I did.

I have gained confidence on this journey.

And the moral of the story... I will always be graduating to the next phase of my life, not knowing where the future will take me, but putting one foot in front of the other--trusting the journey. 

I have gained faith on this journey.

What has been the best and worst parts of your journey?


  1. Oh, yes--we are always graduating to the next phase of life. So, so true... Also, you and I had the same color grad gowns in high school! (Except, my hs colors were gold and...brown. Uuugh.)

  2. Lovely post! You cut your bangs too short the night before graduation: I fell asleep in the sun the day before and burned one side of my face. So attractive.

  3. Loved all your pictures and especially that empty space... I identified with that. I had the same feelings about being a writer.


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