Friday, February 6, 2015

No Love for February

There's not much I like about February, let alone love.

Aside from the birthdays and anniversaries of some very important people in my life, there's not much to celebrate. Groundhogs as weather forecasters are cute I suppose, but when they dig a hole through your shed floor to use as tunnel entrance? Not so much. And Valentine's Day? As holidays go, you can keep it.

The one thing February's got going for it is that it's short, like this blog post is going to be.

Right now, the North East is encrusted in snow and ice and my arms hurt from shoveling. It's time for me to start counting the days until summer. There are 105 days until Memorial Day Weekend--the unofficial start of my favorite season. But for me, summer's coming a tad earlier this year when my third YA novel, THE SUMMER AFTER YOU AND ME publishes on May 5th.

To celebrate, authors Jennifer Ann Mann (SUNNY SWEET CAN SO GET LOST) and Bethany Crandell (SUMMER ON THE SHORT BUS) are joining me in a Countdown to Summer Giveaway on my blog. We're giving away signed copies of our books, an adorable book-ish charm bracelet, and a gift card to purchase more summery reads. You can enter here:


  1. Yay! Jen! I love your book and am excited that it will be released soon into the world. Also, I am holding you to that Let's Go Out for Margaritas and Fish Tacos at the Beach thing you promised me...

  2. Thanks, Jody!! No arm twisting necessary! :) I'm there.

  3. Sending you hugs on this chilly February day, Jen. SO looking forward to your new novel. And Jen and Jody: Can I crash your margaritas and fish tacos party at the beach???

    1. Yes, please do!! We'll call it a "retreat". Similar to my "book club" meetings. Hugs back at ya, Nancy!