New Start, Old Fave (Holly Schindler)

I published Playing Hurt, my second YA in 2011. Which really makes my head spin. Ten years ago, man. 

As it goes in the publishing world, the rights to that book reverted to me, and I re-released it last year. This year, I'm tackling the sequel...again.

Play It Again was the second independently published book I released, in 2015...which also makes my head spin. Six years ago, man. 

When my Playing Hurt re-release, uh, released, I sent it out to the Bookstagrammers to get fresh takes. The reviews made me think about that sequel in a new way. Such a new way, in fact, that instead of putting it out there as-is, I gave it a complete overhaul. I must've written and rewritten and cut out about a hundred thousand words. Words that aren't here, on any of these final pages, which I'm in the midst of copyediting:


One of the things I love most about indie publishing is the ability to dust off the old. To revise and update and make new again. To give an old project its own fresh start. 

In fact, this rewrite of Play It Again makes me see a way to turn this story into something far bigger than I'd once imagined. To allow it to be a continuing series, with a virtually unlimited number of books...

 I'm so glad I got those Bookstagrammers' fresh eyes. I'm so glad I gave that sequel a new, fresh start...because now, I might be on track for a fresh start with a whole new series.  

Play It Again will release super-soon. You can follow me on Instagram or check out for the latest.


  1. This is great news Holly. I started self-publishing in 2011 as well.. can't believe its been 10 years! I love that about self-publishing too. Being able to go back and correct typos, add context, or make changes is a definite plus! And I love the idea of an unlimited series coming from your diligent edits. I ended up doing that with Savage Cinderella, which I first published in 2012. I'm now working on the 6th novella in the series!

  2. Very cool about the Bookstagrammers! (And the new book!)


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