Night Person on a Morning Schedule

I am a night owl. The perfect time for me to write is when it’s dark outside and all is quiet. If I could, I would probably write a few hours every night and a few hours midmorning. However, since I have to get up early in the morning in order to take the kids to school, I am often too tired to write a lot at night. I have since become a night person on a morning person’s schedule.
So what have I learned by having three kids? Well, that could fill a whole book, but one thing I do know is that I have to make the best of the writing time that I do have. So a few times a week, I get a sitter and write like crazy.
On those mornings I am happy with a thousand words. I say goodbye to my two year old and the mound of laundry staring at me and head off to my local Starbucks office. I grab a coffee, hope that the piped in music is having a good day and cross my fingers that no one is in my chair. Yes, my writing partner, Christina Gonzalez and I do have our own chairs and are known to use the evil eye on those that occupy our thrones. Let me tell you, the evil eye really works because people usually pack up pretty fast. And my chair gives out good mojo so really I need that chair to work!
The good thing about writing with a friend is that we can bounce ideas off of each other. And of course there is always time to break for gossip. On these days I might continue working on my manuscript at night after the kids go to bed, especially if I am nearing a deadline.
So on a great writing day I resist the internet and get my thousand words done in the morning and write another five hundred words or so at night. And of course in fantasyland, my laundry is done, house is clean and dinner is cooked too! Oh, and who is going to make the lunches for the next day? Any takers?


  1. I am really impressed by writers who can write when their kids are so little. Mine were older when I started but, looking back, I cannot even imagine it!

  2. Vicky, thanks. It is kind of nuts but I make the best of the time and know they won't be young for long:)!


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