An unusual writing day is when I actually write (Tara Kelly)

I could have written Rosemary's post below in regards to how I write. I'm a serial reviser...except it's not just pages for me. Sometimes I will revise the same paragraph all day long.

A spectacular writing day only comes along about once a month for me. Since I was laid off from my full-time job, one would think I'd have more time to write. I don't...

My mind is clear.
I'm energized.
I'm brimming with ideas and love for my characters.
I didn't wake up to yet another bad review on Goodreads or on some blog
I'm not over-analyzing everything I write or questioning if selling my first two books was a fluke.
It's not my bf's day off.
The cats haven't thrown up once.
I got more than five hours of sleep, woke up before 9am, and actually got my workout done early.
I don't have a job interview or two or three or four
I don't have a client manuscript to edit or two or three or four
I don't have a website to design for a client or two or three or four
I don't have a song to collaborate on or finish up for someone
All of my bills have been paid, and I'm not stressing over finances
We actually have food in the house
I don't have a billion writing related or client emails to answer
I don't have a migraine
There isn't some drama going on in my family that requires hours on the phone
I didn't piss half the day away on Twitter, Facebook, or browsing just because I can't stare at a blank Word page any longer
Nothing in the house is broken or needs replacement or is leaking
My hampers aren't full
The house is clean because I had the energy to clean it all the night before!

And I could list a ton more distractions, but you get the idea. It doesn't matter what your situation is--writing is hard. Finding the time to write is even harder. But if you love it, you'll find that ONE day (or hopefully several days) a month where you do nothing but write. And you'll cherish it.


  1. I especially love the ones about sleep (I don't seem to be getting much lately) and a house where nothing is broken or leaking. All so true! I always think that if I'm going to wait for a perfect writing day, I might as well give up.

  2. I love this list!! So true ....
    Totally related to spending all day on a paragraph.

    A famous author quote: I spent all morning putting a comma in, and all afternoon taking it out again.


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