A Spectacular Writing Day (Trish Doller)

Sometimes no writing actually happens on a spectacular writing day. But...what?! How does that work? Well, I've been plotting what I hope will be my next book. And while I've managed to plan a number of scenes, my actual inspiration for writing has been conspicuously absent. I know what I want to say, but I've been having trouble actually getting it out of my head.

Today I took a road trip to Tarpon Springs, which is the setting for my project. I like driving the streets, knowing which businesses line the highway, and what the people look like. It was easy when I was writing THE NEW NORMAL because it's set in my own city, but having never visited Tarpon Springs, I decided it was time to explore.

My daughter and I walked around the sponge docks, poking in the gift shops and eating in the restaurants. But the most important thing we did was take a sponge boat tour, during which the captain described exactly what I needed to know for my book. Not only did I come away with lots of great notes, but inspiration, excitement, and--best of all--an opening.

And I think that's pretty spectacular!


  1. New places and experiences always inspire me, too, Trish. You got the double whammy--a fun day with your daughter and the opening for your next book. Excellent!


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