LUCKY ME (Holly Schindler)

I'm not being sarcastic when I say it: I'm really lucky. I've got a mom and brother who have given unwavering support as I got my writing career off the ground. We're talking monetary support, we're talking shoulders to cry on through the years of rejection, and we're talking being proud of me during the years when there was absolutely nothing braggable going on in my life.

But they didn't stop there: Mom is also my first reader, and has been on every single book, published or not, that I've ever written. And my brother, John, has become my own personal photographer.

When I needed an official author photo for my first two books, John was there, camera in hand. This shot (at left) was taken in one of our dog's favorite parks. (If you put your ear close enough to the photo, I'm pretty sure you can still hear Jake barking at geese in the background.) It also appears in the back covers of both A Blue So Dark and Playing Hurt.

John has also snapped all the photos of me that have shown up in various posts throughout the blogosphere:

He's also been at every single one of my author events, including my first-ever signing, at the now-defunct Borders:

And, he's also become my videographer over the past few months, allowing me to add video interviews to my recent Playing Hurt Blog Tour, and filming any discussions I take part in, so readers who aren't able to be at my events in person can see excepts on YouTube...Like this visit to my local Library Center:

Really. Come on. Lucky.


  1. Love the photo of you in the hat, Holly! How great is that to have a photographer, supporter, and fan whenever you need one.

  2. It IS great, Jan! Lucky, lucky, lucky...


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