Recharging the Batteries--by Brian Katcher

Right now, I'm as done as I'm ever going to be with my latest rewrite. Actually, I finished last month. Unfortunately, my editor is engaged with other projects, and asked me to hold off on submitting it until the first of October.

No sweat. It'll give me a little time to relax. No more feeling of guilt when I'm not spending every spare minute writing.

So what do I do with these hours?


On the Discovery channel, no less.


The reason I never finished my 'kids with cancer' book.
Those projects around the house?

It's taken me two years to scrape one section of wallpaper in my hall, and it still looks like hell.

When my daughter was born, I promised myself that I would only keep up with one hobby: writing. So now when my wife and kid are in bed (I never sleep, by the way), what's there left for me to do? Write!

Quite frankly, I consider the outside world a distraction from the written one. Now if there were just some way to get rid of that pesky job, I could finally dedicate my life to what's important: showing up John Green.

PS: I totally lied about not watching TV. I've been looking forward to new episodes of The Big Bang Theory all summer. Tonight, the season premier didn't DVR. I don't want to point fingers, but it was totally my wife's fault and I don't love her anymore. 


  1. I LOVE that line about the real world being a distraction from the written one...

  2. Ha! I was about to say, how is there someone who doesn't watch TV?! (LOVE The Big Bang Theory!)


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