Watching my kitty nap (Lauren Bjorkman)

I LOVE to write. When I sit down in front of the screen, cradling my cappuccino, an ahh-feeling comes over me. Bliss. Even when it's hard.

Still, writing every day makes me weary. And on most days I'm up to my ears in to-do lists, husbands (just one actually), kids, and pets. The mere idea of relaxation makes me laugh an evil laugh. So I do what any insane woman would do. I grab me recharge on the run.

My family likes to travel. I like to travel.

Iron age fort in Scotland: Pelle modeling rain gear

 My family likes to eat. I like to eat.

Sometimes we eat dinner out. Mostly pizza, though. This is my dream meal.

My husband likes to dance. I like to dance.

I wish I looked this good while dancing! My kids tend to hide from us at concerts.

My cats like to nap. I like to nap. Unfortunately, I don't get to.

Watching Zorro sleep is the next best thing to snoozing myself.

My family likes to laugh. I like to laugh.

My brother-in-law took this picture on a trip to DC.

Somehow it all works. 

Though I sure could use a nap.


  1. My cat naps behind my laptop when I write. Sometimes I wish we could switch places.

    Probably isn't a big market for YA about stalking birds though...

  2. What a pretty cat! There's just something about being with an animal that's rejuvenating, isn't there?

  3. Oh I know how tempting it is to want to nap when our lazy pets get to sleep all day! Sometimes a little 20 minute power nap is all I need to perk me back up. :)

  4. Ha! Great pics! The sushi made my mouth water!


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