Eighty Day Weekend (Brian Katcher)

I'm a school librarian. That's kind of like being a regular teacher, except I have no homework to grade, I only write three hours of lesson plans a week (I teach the same lesson to each classroom), and rarely have to deal with irate parents. I read with children, help them select books, buy books that I think they will enjoy, and open the world of reading to them.

I have over two months off every summer (starting now), a wonderful library aide at each of my schools, and extra duty days in June to catch up on the inventory, etc.

Seriously, can you imagine a better job? Plus, due to my writing, I can guiltlessly not sign up to teach summer school.

On the down side, I'm in charge of the school computers, which means I'm cornered by desperate people several times a day, and I have to keep the kindergartners from shoving the mouses in their mouths.

But now, as I stay up until two in the morning working on my next book, then get up at ten in time for Maury, I realize how blessed I am to have a job like this.

At least until Hollywood calls.


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