Seriously, You Can Walk a Mile in My Shoes

This month we are talking about appearances, mannerisms and writing garb at YAOTL. I'm preparing this post ahead of time because I'm getting ready to head out to BEA (Book Expo America in NYC--June 4-7.) As I'm packing and prepping, I'm realizing that almost all of my clothing choices revolve around my footwear. I'm flat footed, often have running/dance/clumsy injuries and truthfully--I think I'm missing the girly footwear gene. So sad.

What's a mutant to do? Let's start with the fiction and work into the reality of my footwear choices. In my mind I believe that my outfits would look fabulous if I was wearing something like this...

I totally get why heels make a person look amazing. I wish I could pull off this look, but in reality I can't make it from the bench to the mirror in the shoe store with these babies on. (And yes, I'm aware that they are kind of on the conservative side LOL!)

So you won't see me in those. At best, I'll be wearing something quasi-orthopedic like this...

Not nearly as awesome. I should insert a warning here--this is only for small periods of time--when there really isn't another option. And you should know, it will have taken a considerable effort on my part to live through the experience. There will likely have been blisters, sore feet and an aching back. And the whole time I'm sure I was thinking about how much more I would have enjoyed "such and such event" if I had just been wearing these...

Yup, 90% of the time--this is what I will have on my tootsies. I have this pair exactly and another color too. So if you were on line at BEA and you looked down and saw two really happy feet wearing these--you'd have found me. But even though I can't walk in those awesome green death traps, I must have some wisps of femininity floating around inside me. I STILL LIKE TO BUY LOTS OF SHOES! I just want to be the Carrie Bradshaw of comfy sneakers. Yeah, it is what it is. And it's a really good deal for anyone who wants to walk a mile in my footwear. *grin* Speaking of walking a mile in someone else's shoes--check out these guys tottering around for a very good cause.

And now that you've had a good laugh combined with a warm fuzzy and a touch of pride, I have to ask...what do your feet like to dress up in?


  1. I confess, I have a love of heels...and boots! What beats a cute boot? As a full-time writer, though, my primary footwear is a flip-flop (summer) or a fleece-lined house shoe (winter). Sigh...

  2. My dress-up shoes look very much like yours, Kim. When I was teaching 6th grade I wore nothing but Birks--in every season. Sandals with socks. Horrifying I know. But my female students loved it. They'd keep track of how many days I could go without wearing the same pair twice. And the most frequently asked question was, "How many pairs of Birkenstocks do you own?"

    The answer: 64

  3. I promised myself when I turned 40 that I'd never again buy shoes that weren't comfortable. But I'm super glad that there are so many cute & comfortable styles available now!

    1. I agree. Life it too short to wobble around with blisters!

  4. My footwear is pretty similar to yours. I have some insanely cute (READ: PAINFUL) shoes that I wear occasionally and immediately regret. I've found a couple pair of cute but comfortable heels and sandals to wear on dressy occasions, but for the most part, especially since in my bartending job I spend wayyyyy too much time on my feet, I'm all about sneakers.

  5. This is so true! I have been searching for comfortable adorable heels for the last decade. I finally found some, but they were so expensive I couldn't bite...sigh...OK, those of you who've found the cute ones that are comfy AND affordable, name names! Give brands!


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