Childhood fear...

I love this month's topic, I've been blogging about it over at Kindertrauma, a great place to discuss all those horrible things that terrified you as a child.

For instance, the move that terrified me more than anything wasn't 'Friday the 13th,' 'Gremlins,' or even 'The Wizard of Oz'. It was 'The Incredible Shrinking Woman'. (follow the link to read about my personal experience)

The museum exhibit that terrified me the most?  The Visible Woman! (read all about it).

Most terrifying comic book? 'Holy Joe' by Jack Chick Actually, almost anything by Jack Chick.

And some more random horror here.

Happy Halloween, everyone! If you're in the St. Louis area on November 2nd or 3rd, check out my events!


  1. This post made me remember one of the more traumatizing things we did to our daughter when she was younger--took her to a human body exhibit at a museum. We were thinking we were being educational and enlightening. She was horrified and had nightmares for weeks.

  2. Ha! I SO remember this movie! It's the reason why I'm scared of garbage disposals. And why I worry that there might be a small woman in there sometimes...

  3. Isn't it funny how realistic things (like the Visible Woman) are far more frightening than wild horror stories?


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