We'll, you have to admit, it's been a crazy year. And though I don't have a new book to brag about, I still consider myself pretty lucky.
2012 Year in Review
I have a job that allows me to spend three months out of the year writing. I have an incredible family that supports my neurosis and bad moods during the ups and downs of publishing, and I have a wonderful editor who never stopped believing in me. I have great fans who take the time to tell me that my books meant something to them.

Thank you all. Hopefully this time next year, I will have found a home for one of my four unpublished novels.

Since I can't think of a way to end this, here's a link to a chewing gum commercial from the 70s.


  1. None of my WIPs sold quickly or easily...but that makes the eventual sale that much sweeter! Look out, '13!


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