The Year of Rewrites--Jan Blazanin

2012 has been a year of writing-related firsts, challenges and frustrations, exciting accomplishments-- and rewrites.

January—Two years of planning, writing, and revising produced a finished first draft. Then my story was off to my writing group for critiquing.

February—Based on their suggestions, I made more revisions.

March--The manuscript was finally off to my agent. In between bouts of anxiously biting my nails, I put together my first writing conference presentation, “Plotting the Novel” for the April SCBWI-Iowa Conference. My time allotment was two hours!

April—The long-awaited letter arrived from my agent and her assistant. Although they loved the idea, my story was far from being ready to submit. Think major rewrite. Could I do it? With that churning in the back of my brain, I gave my presentation to a gracious SCBWI audience. Fun!!!




August—You guessed it: Rewriting

September—Rewrite finished. After comments from my writing group and more revisions, it’s back to my agent. Holding my breath!

October—Writing Month Extraordinaire
My agent responded super-fast. Unfortunately, she asked for more revisions. Not as many. Not as extensive. But more.
In Iowa City I heard the legendary Lois Lowry, and got my hands on a signed copy of SON. If you haven’t read it, DO!
Spent a weekend retreating with fellow authors, participated in the Wonder of Words book festival, and attended the fall SCBWI-Iowa conference.

November—Two writer friends reviewed my finished revisions. 
December—My agent signed off on my revisions!!!! My manuscript is good to go.

On to 2013, The Year of Book Sales. :-)


  1. YES! All that hard work has got to pay off, Jan.

  2. I also spent 11 months of this year revising! Maybe it's something in the water. ;-)

    1. Hadn't thought of that, Jennifer. I'm asking for a new water filter for Christmas!

  3. Oh, I'm jealous you got to see Louis Lowry! I especially loved her Anastasia books; I read them over and over when I was a kid.
    Congratulations that your agent signed off on your revisions! Revisions are hard work because just when you think you have it all done, something else comes up.

    1. Lois Lowry is a writing goddess!
      In the midst of my third round of revisions I dreamed that during a writing presentation red marks kept appearing on the manuscript I was using as an example. Guess that qualifies as a nightmare.

  4. Yes! Here's to a year of revisions followed by a year of sales! *clinks imaginary glass*


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