What’s your top 10 list for 2012? Julie Chibbaro

It seems to me that everyone else gets to make top ten lists, but I never do, or at least, the ones I make don’t get published in the NY Times or Gawker.  So you know what, the hell with it, I’m going to make my own top ten list for 2012.  Watch out, it’s random!

1. Elections.  I was never so distracted in my life than during this election.  Watching polls takes time, lots of time.

2. My break from Facebook.  I have to admit, early in the year, I was an addict.  This was probably from doing all the publicity for Deadly, but now I’m rewriting my novel, and it’s time to be serious and focused.  I hope my friends understand.  I’ll be back!

3. Daughter’s tooth loss.  Is it normal a kid loses 6 teeth in the span of 3 months?  I don’t know.

4. Da gym.  Hey, I joined a gym.  Of course, I only use it to sit in the whirlpool, but still, I’m there.

5.  Awards and lists.  OK, my Deadly got a few of those this year.  Pretty cool.

6.  Rewrites.  So this book I’ve been writing since 1993 finally got sold to Penguin, and first thing I find out is they want a complete rewrite.  Well, that’s starting to feel familiar with this baby.  Working on it all year, and I’m almost done! And it’s better, it really is.

7.  Newspaper.  I got a freelance gig with the local rag, and I’m really enjoying it.

8.  Bike.  I got my first bicycle in about 20 years.  Still not sure I can handle it, what with my poor physical condition and all.  I’ll let you know how it goes in next year’s list.

9.  Picture book.  Agent likes our draft of our first picture book.  Hubby’s doing some amazing drawings.  Fingers crossed a publisher will love it too!

10.  Personal growth.  Listen, I gotta add something corny in here, don’t I?  But really, I do feel like maybe I grew a couple of inches this year.

What would your 2012 top ten list look like?


  1. AWESOME. You just sold a book you've had since '93. Seriously. AWESOME.

  2. sending good vibes for your rewrite. So amazing that your 1993 book will soon be in the world!


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