Were You Happy in 2012?--Kimberly Sabatini

What makes you happy? 

I write.

I write slow, beautiful books that make me believe that the world is a curious, wonderful place. 

I read to my children because we get lost between the pages and baking with them gives me hives. 

I dance because music and movement fills my soul--it always has. 

And I run because there are moments when it feels like flying. 

I spend time with my family and friends because they are my favorite people in the whole world and when I've seen too much of them, I spend time alone because I like solitude as much as I like company. 

I tell my children every day that it's good to be yourself. And even though I say it often, I don't have to use my words, because they watch and listen--that's how they will know what a gift their happiness is to the world. 

What makes you happy? 

Are you doing it? 

If 2012 has passed you by...make sure you're happy in 2013.


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