If You're Nancy Drew... by Kimberly Sabatini

Growing up, I wasn't really Nancy Drew--but I kind of was. 

I read all the books...

and I faithfully watched the TV show. 

I even use to write my own clues and create my own mysteries for other people to solve. My brother and my cousins were receptive to solving my mysteries. *phew*

But this nerdy addiction led to other things...

Because of my love of all things sleuth, my very first crush was on the Hardy Boys...

Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy were my perfect partners in crime. 

And then when this happened, tipping Joe Hardy just a little bit ahead of Frank on the love-o-meter.

Da Doo Ron Ron sealed the deal. <3

This post isn't dating me is it?


  1. My mom used to be my Nancy Drew books and my brother Hardy Boys books ... and without saying a word to her, ever, he and I always promptly switched books! I wasn't into the TV show (sorry!) but would've picked Frank. Great minds don't always think alike!

    1. (Typing too fast today! My mom used to BUY ME Nancy Drew books!)

    2. I liked Frank too!!! But then that song... Hahahahaha!

  2. I don't remember a single plotline from the Hardy Boys show. Only Shaun Cassidy. Possibly my first celebrity crush?

  3. I once had a HUGE fight with a friend about which Hardy Boy was better looking. I still think Shaun has that magic something :)

  4. LOL...my sister had a huge Shaun Cassidy crush. She still blushes about it. He was a cutie for sure. :)


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