Geek fringe - Alisa M. Libby

Knowing my own experiences and reading these posts, it seems like we all lived on some sort of delicate fringe as teens - or felt like we did, at least. That perception is key, of course.

Do you watch "The Big Bang Theory?" One thing I enjoy about it is that these odd, outcast-type guys have found each other. They went through years feeling out of place, maybe feeling that a place didn't really exist for them on earth (maybe in video games, in fantasy realms and movies). But it did, and that place is with like-minded people. They found where they belong. We should all be so lucky.

I'll close with some wise words from author Sarah Vowell: "Being a nerd, which is to say going too far and caring too much about a subject, is the best way to make friends I know."


  1. I love The Big Bang Theory but you know what? It's starting to anger me. I just watched a repeat when Sheldon's online identity was stolen - all his game achievements, etc. He tracks down the thief and confronts him, but he then steals another trophy. It isn't until Penny kicks him in the groin that the thief surrenders.

    I'm hoping this season will show our favorite nerds winning battles on their own.

  2. One of my FAVORITE shows precisely because of the odd, outcast characters! And isn't there some of Sheldon Cooper in all of us . . . or wait, is that just me?


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