Gifts of the Season

I just did something outrageous, considering the busyness of the holidays and work deadlines (a book party this weekend, a copyedit of Don't Breathe a Word FedExed this morning, a blog tour, plus the usual December craziness!).

I took a nap. Wild.

But even my naps are put to work, thinking about the acknowledgements page I need to write to thank everyone who has touched my second novel in some way. All the while, I'm thinking about that third novel idea and feeling guilty for not getting to it quite yet.

But you know what? Every one of those people is a gift. A deadline is a gift. Having another novel idea is a gift. FedEx is a gift! (And yes, the nap was definitely a gift!)

For all of the whirlwind, and worrying that maybe at some point I won't be able to keep up with it, there is the calm, clear center of friends and family...and don't forget the readers. They are truly what it's all about.

You are all a gift, and I'm grateful.

And now, I have a gift for you. In honor of the Tell Me a Secret blog tour going on right now courtesy of Teen Book Scene, I created an original collage painting inspired by the art of the Tell Me a Secret book trailer (view it here). We've made a limited edition run of prints, and I would love to give a signed print to one of you!

How to Win the Print (I'm stealing Stephanie Kuehnert's rules on her awesome signed BALLADS OF SUBURBIA giveaway below!):

+5 for leaving a comment on this post
+5 for becoming a follower of this blog
+5 for each time you tweet a link to this blog (YA Outside the Lines in general, or links to specific posts)
+5 for blogging about our lovely new blog and helping us spread the word
+1 for leaving a comment on any YA Outside the Lines post.

I'll run the contest to the end of this month and announce the winner on December 31st!

Oh, and just for fun, here's a shot of me at the TMAS party with fellow YA Outside the Lines-er, Barbara Caridad Ferrer (who is just releasing her sassy new novel WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE - come to her party tomorrow night in Seattle!):


  1. Oh wow what a great prize! Thanks for this!!

    +5 for leaving a comment on this post
    +5 for becoming a follower of this blog

    cariblogs(at)gmail dot com

  2. Lovely gifts indeed. And wonderful print. And could you be any cuter??

    I've heard great things about Tell Me a Secret and can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

  3. WOW! This prize sounds wonderful. I cannot wait to get my hands on Tell Me a Secret! Unfortunately, with the holidays here my book budget is low, ok, nonexistent at the moment. But that can't last forever! ;o)

    +5 for leaving a comment on this post
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    +10 for each time you tweet a link to this blog!/BritneyWyatt/status/12163640488628224!/BritneyWyatt/status/12164839384289281

    +1 for leaving a comment on any YA Outside the Lines post. (previous post)

  4. TMAS is one of my favourite reads of the year, which is why I can't leave this chance of winning a poster :D

    +5 Comment
    +5 Follower
    +5 Tweet:!/bee_muses/status/12170812924633088

    And I've commented on quite a few posts (been around since you guys started), and lost count of them...+1 for each of them? :D

  5. You forgot to mention the reason I look like such a hobbit is you were wearing the sky high wedge heels of DOOOOOOOM!

    Seriously, y'all, Holly looked glorious at her party, so gorgeous and composed. I would have been (and probably will be) a nervous, whirling dervish of a wreck.

    And the art work is fabulous, Holly. So, so beautiful.

  6. This is true, people - in actuality, Barbara and I are the same height! (Which is roughly 5'6"). I am 6 feet tall in that picture, boowahaha.

    (And thanks to everyone for the nice compliments!)

  7. Follower +5
    Tweeted: +5
    comment: +5

    WOW I would love to win this! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  8. Oh sweetie, no.. I'm not even close to 5'6" (I wish!) I'm 5'2 1/2" when the atmosphere's thin. I was wearing boots with a slight heel, so I had some help there. Tonight, though, I wear the platform pumps! WOOT. (And I will be 5'6" *g*)

  9. Omigoodness, that print is gorgeous! I'm glad the holiday season has been treating you well thus far (and I agree, naps are most def a gift!).

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    TOTAL = 16

  10. I would love to win the print inspired by Tell Me a Secret. Thank you for making this available to us.

    Please enter me:
    +5 follower
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    +5 comment on this post

    total 15

  11. Enter me in the contest please!!
    That print is abso gorgeous. I Seriously love it! <3

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    +5 for blogging about the contest:

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    +2 for previous comments

    Total daily entries for 12/8: 27

  12. Oh wow, why did I think we were the same height, Barb? You have tall presence, that's what. I had clumsy wedge heel presence, ha ha.

    Thanks for the nice comments, everyone! I'm so happy you're all jazzed by this giveaway! The collage was really fun to make.

  13. This looks great!
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    +1 comment

    total 11

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  14. Holly, you and your books are a gift! What a sweet blog post and I love love love the pic of you and Barb. And the print? How cool! Happy holidays!

  15. +5 for leaving a comment on this post

    would love this, I've seen the trailer, it's very well done, kudos!



  16. +5 for becoming a follwor of this blog

    am a follower via GFC




  17. +1 for leaving a comment on any YA Outside the Lines post




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